December 12, 2020

We are proud to announce that we found a new office and have now officially moved. Our new office is at the Future Factory together with 4 other student teams from the University of Twente. Come visit us at Capitool 25, Enschede!

Each of the teams at the Future Factory has a unique goal. Solar Boat Twente aims to lead the moment towards sustainability in the maritime sector by creating an efficient solar-powered boat. As for sustainability on-land, Electric Superbike Twente designs and builds a fully electric racing motorcycle, and Green Team Twente promotes a sustainable future by creating an efficient hydrogen car. Sustainability is, however, not the only focal point of our student teams. DroneTeam Twente designs and builds their own drones to innovate and accelerate the drone industry, and RoboTeam Twente aims to inspire and innovate in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, by building an autonomous team of soccer robots. Though each team takes on a completely different project, we are connected through our drive to innovate, making the Future Factory the place to be.

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