We are DroneTeam Twente

We are DroneTeam Twente

Developing autonomous aid delivery drones.

Developing autonomous aid delivery drones.

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Making a positive impact with drones

Millions of people in rural areas don’t have access to life-saving medical aid. With drones, we can increase healthcare acces and make a positive difference.
DroneTeam Twente is a University of Twente student team developing humanitarian aid delivery drones. Our mission is to innovate and accelerate the drone industry. Currently, we have won three prizes at the annual iMechE UAS Challenge.

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DroneTeam Twente wins the Media & Engagement Award at the 2022 UAS Challenge

July 9, 2022

After a year of hard work developing the revolutionary Thunderbird drone, DroneTeam Twente takes home the Media & Engagement Award from their participation at the 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge. This award is given to the team that has engaged most effectively with media, social media, schools and local students as part of the STEM Outreach Programme in England.

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Minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten visits DroneTeam Twente

June 13, 2022

Last monday, Dutch minister of Climate and Energy Rob Jetten has visited DroneTeam Twente as part of his visit of the Future Factory in Enschede.

During his visit, we were able to present to him our ideas and speak with him about our role in the drone industry as a student team working towards a more equal and sustainable future.

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DroneTeam Twente reveals new innovative medical aid drone “Thunderbird”

May 12, 2022

Last Wednesday, DroneTeam Twente unveiled their newest drone to the world in the Concordia Theater: Thunderbird. The drone is designed for efficient medical aid delivery and uses a unique wing design that improves efficiency. With the aircraft, the team will compete against over thirty other teams at the 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge, where the drone will carry out a simulated rescue mission.

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