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2024 – Drone v1.0

Under construction

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2023 – Nekbeth

Our drone Nekbeth is a high-range, low-cost drone developed for delivering aid in rural areas.
It is a lightweight 3D-printed design that carries an aid package with a cruising speed of 120 km/h. It can take off and land vertically, meaning no infrastructure is needed.

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2022 – Thunderbird

Our 2022 UAS Challenger Thunderbird has a unique and newly developed box-wing design and an internal payload bay to carry packages, pushing efficiency to the next level. The drone has a high lift-to-drag ratio to make sure it can carry heavy packages for long distances.

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2021 – Phoenix

DroneTeam Twente has developed the drone Phoenix for the 2021 UAS Challenge, and won the Most Promising award with it. Phoenix has mixed both plane and quadcopter technology, as the drone is able to take off and land vertically while also achieving high speeds over long distances thanks to the wings. This is ideal for emergency relief.

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2020 – VAU2

Participating in the UAS Challenge 2020, VAU2 has unique features, such as a tilt-rotor mechanism, a 3D-printed modular frame and combined vertical stabilizers and landing gear. VAU2 won the ‘Most Innovative’ award at the UAS Challenge 2020 and came 8th out of 38 particpants in the ‘Design’ category.

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2019 – Toothless

Toothless is a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Drone that participates in the UAS Challenge 2019 and is developed for delivering humanitarian aid. It came third in the ‘Design Award’, but finished 19th out of 32 for the Grand Champion award due to a crash.

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2018 – DronoBox

The DronoBox workshop is specially designed so that anyone can build a complete drone in barely an hour! The parts are edited in such a way that no soldering is required and participants only need to use their hands and screwdrivers to fully build it, like an IKEA package! You can contact us for the possibilities of receiving a DronoBox workshop.

Other projects

We participate in many research projects to develop unique drone solutions, from indoor drone applications to sustainable airships.

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