Our 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge drone

An innovative box-wing drone

Thunderbird is the only drone with a box-wing design at this size. The design decreases aerodynamic drag and wingtip vortices. It is also 3D-printed, making it easy and cheap to produce. Watch the reveal video for more information!


Mass (incl. payload): 10 kg
Payload volume: 4 litres
Range: 20+ km
Top speed: 120 km/h
Wingspan: 1.90 meters
Lift-to-drag ratio: >10


Developed for emergency aid

The Thunderbird drone is developed to be a low-cost, low-infrastructure alternative for delivering medicine, essential aid, communications equipment, and more. The drone has autonomous flight capabilities and can take off and land without manual input. This makes it perfect for rural areas.

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Developed for emergency aid