DroneTeam Twente wins the Media & Engagement Award at the 2022 UAS Challenge

July 9, 2022

After a year of hard work developing the revolutionary Thunderbird drone, DroneTeam Twente takes home the Media & Engagement Award from their participation at the 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge. This award is given to the team that has engaged most effectively with media, social media, schools and local students as part of the STEM Outreach Programme in England.

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DroneTeam Twente reveals new innovative medical aid drone “Thunderbird”

May 12, 2022

Last Wednesday, DroneTeam Twente unveiled their newest drone to the world in the Concordia Theater: Thunderbird. The drone is designed for efficient medical aid delivery and uses a unique wing design that improves efficiency. With the aircraft, the team will compete against over thirty other teams at the 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge, where the drone will carry out a simulated rescue mission.

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DroneTeam Twente at Amsterdam Drone Week: showcasing our high-speed, 3D-printed drone

March 30, 2022

From 29-31 of March, Amsterdam Drone Week takes place. DroneTeam Twente is excited to be present to learn more about drone innovations and how we can add value with Urban Air Mobility. During ADW, our drone Phoenix will be showcased in the showcase area.

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First flight of our 2022 UAS Challenge drone

March 10, 2022

DroneTeam Twente has tested their new 2022 prototype drone for the first time. The team of 13 students has worked hard on their new drone design, called Hammerhead. The prototype is the first version of the new drone which is aiming to compete at the 2022 iMechE UAS Challenge.

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Introducing DroneTeam Racing

February 9, 2022

DroneTeam Twente will host its first racing days! The event will take place on (or around) 25 april. It wil consist of racing with mini drones which are called Tinywhoops. The event will be open for beginners, as well as experienced drone racers.

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DroneTeam Twente launches crowdfunding campaign for new humanitarian aid drone

December 20, 2021

We are DroneTeam Twente, the first and only competitive student drone team in the Netherlands. Made up of 13 international and interdisciplinary students, we work towards the development and application of drones for humanitarian aid. This is done through fully autonomous drones that can deliver packages, even at locations which are difficult to quickly access for aid workers.

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DroneTeam Twente at Dutch Design Week 2021: innovating and accelerating the drone industry

October 16, 2021

This week, DroneTeam Twente will be present at Dutch Design Week 2021. In this article we explain what we do.

In many rural areas, aid in any form is hard to access. The roads are unsuitable for cars, villages relocate without letting the authorities know. This can lead to many problems if, for example, an ambulance is needed. 

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DroneTeam Twente sets their sight on a podium place at the IMechE 2022 UAS Challenge

September 8, 2021

Last week, the 4th team of DroneTeam Twente started their work. With a lot of enthusiasm the 13 members of the new team are aiming high: the goal is to finish in the top 3 out of more than 30 participats in the international UAS Challenge. The secondary goal of the team is to improve drone education and STEM outreach by giving DronoBox workshops to students, schools and businesses.

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DroneTeam Twente wins Most Promising award at UAS Challenge 2021

July 16, 2021

With our drone Phoenix we won the Most Promising award in the UAS Challenge 2021. Due to Covid-19 we had to participate in the online category, where the drone was judged from a design and engineering perspective. We are proud to announce that we have won the Most Promising award out of more than 20 teams participating in the Virtual Event.

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DroneTeam Twente aiming to excel at the UAS Challenge 2021

June 14, 2021

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers organizes the UAS Challenge 2021 to encourage further innovation in the field of drone technology. During this event, teams of undergraduates from all over the world take part. DroneTeam Twente is one of the 30 teams that attend in this year’s edition. We have been working hard on our design, and hope to make it an award-winning one!

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