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Without the help of our great partners A3T wouldn’t exist

Without the help of our great partners A3T wouldn’t exist

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Insight in the drone industry

We can offer you the drone knowledge that can be beneficial to your company. We can get you in contact with companies that can improve the future of your company.

Living Lab

Through our modern education platform, A3T opens the possibility for industries and research groups to directly collaborate with students in the development of experimental technology. We are actively looking for a research partner as well, our research partners can test their performance of newly developed batteries for our UAVs.

Highly skilled and motivated students

Since A3T is open to receive applications from bachelor, master and PhD students, we gather an international team of highly motivated and skilled students for our team. Through our 3 years training program, our members gain valuable up-to-date knowledge and experience in cutting-edge UAV technologies.

Drones are a marketing tool by themselves already, they are a synonym of high-tech and future in the eye of the public and a popular technology for younger generations. But it does not stop there. For A3T, UAVs are the perfect solution to moderns challenges. Through participating in events and international competitions we show our technology to a wide public including companies and stakeholders.

The DronoBox workshop offers a fun and educational team activity for your company.

Business opportunities

The University of Twente happens to be in the top entrepreneurial universities of Europe. This is taken seriously by A3T as we promote the creation of spinoffs from our projects. Moreover, the mayor of Enschede announced that he aims at making Enschede the capital for drones in Europe. This vision combined with our partnership with Space53 and the support from Novel-T, means that we virtually have limitless business opportunities. We can directly approach possible buyers but also indirectly by exposure in the drone industry. According to the european parliaments, the UAV industry is expected to account for 15 billion a year by 2028 and provide 150.000 by 2050. Now, is the right time to get involved in this flying revolution.

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