Meet the

Meet the

Team 2021-2022

Team 2021-2022

Our Mission

We are DroneTeam 4.0, fourteen students with one common mission: innovating and accelerating the drone industry to make a positive impact. We do this by participating in the annual iMechE UAS Challenge, where students need to develop new drone solutions that can perform a humanitarian aid mission.  For 2022, our goal is to bring back home a prize.

DroneTeam Twente is a student team from Enschede. With our innovative emergency aid drones, we aim to improve health access. Together with our partners we develop and research innovative drone solutions to achieve this, while inspiring  the world about drones and their applications. Will you join us on our mission?


Sietse Oosterhout
Sietse Oosterhout Team manager

Master Industrial Design Engineering

Rens de Boer
Rens de Boer Electronics & Public relations

Master Mechanical Engineering

Maxim Ciscato
Maxim Ciscato Financial officer

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Philippe Damoiseaux
Philippe Damoiseaux Technical manager & External

Bachelor Electrical Engineering

Technical Team

Bas Kluijtmans
Bas Kluijtmans Aerodynamics & Simulation

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Koen Freriks
Koen Freriks Electronics & Control

Master Mechanical engineering

Thomas de Rooij
Thomas de Rooij Electronics & Control

Bachelor Creative Technology

Jort Flapper
Jort Flapper Structural Engineer

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Shervin Tochani
Shervin Tochani Structural Engineer

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Ajitesh Malli
Ajitesh Malli Image Recognition

Bachelor Advanced Technology

Dennis Matena
Dennis Matena Image Recognition

Bachelor Electrical Engineering

Marketing & Communication

Wouter Gerritsen
Wouter Gerritsen Communication

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Sofia de Gruijter
Sofia de Gruijter Communication

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering

Rodrigo Carvalho
Rodrigo Carvalho Documentation

Bachelor Mechanical Engineering


Nikolas Katsantonis
Nikolas Katsantonis Bachelor assignment

Bachelor Industrial Design Engineering

ATLAS students
ATLAS students research assignment

Bachelor ATLAS

Previous Teams

2020-2021 Team

The 2020-2021 team built Phoenix, which won the ‘Most Promising’ award.


2019-2020 Team

The 2019-2020 Team built VAU2, which won the ‘Most Innovative’ award.

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